Over the past few years, I have made several trips to the Alentejo region of Portugal. My excursions began by leading plein-air painting workshops with my students, and quickly became an integral part of my personal practice. In particular, I've developed a deep love for the countryside of the Alentejo that sits near the Spanish boarder: the rolling yellow hills, cork oak trees, marble quarries, and the chorus of sheep's bells.

During multiple, month-long residencies, I developed works in painting, video, and installation. And it was here in the Alentejo that I wrote my first album and performed for the very first time. 

The Alentejo has become a lens that I carry with me. It is a way of living, seeing, and moving through the world.  The Alentejo taught me the palette of earthly paradise. Now, I see her everywhere. 



Plein-Air: The above pieces are Oil on Canvas Paper, 12" x 16," 2014/15.


Two Figures, Alentejo, Oil on Canvas, 24" x 32," 2015. Available for Purchase.


Lovers, Alentejo, Oil on Canvas, 21" x 29," 2015. Private Collection.


Two Figures in a Landscape, Oil on Canvas, 22" x 27," 2014, Private Collection.


Shadow Painting, Video, Foundation OBRAS, Evoramonte, Portugal, 2014.  Music: "My Love Is" by Holly Gollightly.


Portal, Alentejo, Oil on Canvas, 36" x 72," 2015. Available for Purchase.


Field Dreaming, Oil on Canvas, 48" x 56," 2015. Available for Purchase.