Dear Garden Party Attendees,

My name is Kimberly Trowbridge and I am the current Creative Fellow at Bloedel Reserve.


Though I am unable to be present at this special event, I am deeply here with you in the form of my painting, Camellias in the Forest:


This painting is a love letter to Bloedel Reserve, and it encapsulates my ongoing journey that began as part of the Creative Residency Program.

This piece is part of my current, major body of work, where I am integrating images and concepts that I’ve collected in the gardens at Bloedel. My project will culminate a year from now in a solo exhibition at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.

As a visual artist, I go to nature as the ultimate source of information and insight. It is from nature that I develop an understanding of harmonious relationships in color, shape, and form.

Being a Creative Resident at Bloedel Reserve is like living inside of a color/form laboratory. While on the field, I collect color “data” in the form of rhythmic compositions in oils, painted directly from observation.


Painting, for me, is an intimate form of communication with nature. Like gardening, it is the tender cultivation of symbiotic relationships.

Through visual awareness i seek to express the patterns of consciousness that occur in the garden. I believe these patterns reveal profound and healing insights for our time here on Earth. My paintings are roadmaps into Paradise, which is right here, if we open our eyes.

I am honored to present to you my painting, Camellias in the Forest, developed out of my deep connection to the Camellia Walk at Bloedel. This particular garden moves me deeply: the baroque form of the camellia trees, like candelabras, against the rich backdrop of the forest.

In purchasing this painting you are directly supporting the Creative Residency Program- facilitating the focused time needed for creative minds who contribute in unique and significant ways to our communities.

Thank you sincerely for your support of this life-changing opportunity,

Kimberly Trowbridge