Physical Memory

BAM Biennial: Knock on Wood, Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA

As a painter, my relationship to wood is as the support and framing devise for presenting images. It is the architecture that upholds and defines the boundaries of my vision. In 2013 I began making sculptures out of the wood off-cuts from my stretcher-bars and arranging them like characters on a stage. This felt like I was making physical the internal geometry of my paintings. More recently, my work has begun addressing the context in which paintings are viewed and I am creating environments where images can interact and new narratives can unfold.

In Physical Memory I am using parts of my childhood vanity dresser, the saloon doors from my current bedroom, and scraps of found wood. With this 3-dimensional painting I am merging my family history with my artistic heritage as a figurative image-maker. I am creating a theater where I can witness the archetypal building blocks of my visual vocabulary so that I can restructure and reinvent the content of my story. 


Interview and Video by Emilie SmithBellevue Arts Museum


Final Touches, Physical Memory, BAM Biennial, 2014.