Story Tell Her

Blindfold Gallery, Seattle, WA 2013

This exhibition represents a pivotal moment in my practice, where the story within the canvas became a physical, theatrical space. The work itself references its own making by exposing the building blocks of its development. I come from a background in literature and that, combined with my role as an educator, makes language an important part of my process. The wood off-cuts from my stretcher bars came to represent physical manifestations of the component parts of my visual vocabulary. This process is exemplified in the installation piece "Language," which moves from wooden blocks, to relief, to painted image. In the central work of the exhibition, "Tantrum and the Aftermath," I built an altarpiece with flanking "texts" that mimic the historical contextualization of lived experience... In this case, my own "tantrum," or inner battle, within the realm of visual expression. 

image by Joe Rudko

Tantrum and the Aftermath, Oil, Canvas, Wood, Spray Paint, Gouache Altarpiece, 112” x  96” x 12,”  2013. Image by Joe Rudko.


Image by Joe Rudko


Woman, Woman, Woman, Oil on Canvas, 36” x 48,”  2013. Private Collection.

Language  , Mixed Media Installation, 2013. Image by Joe Rudko.

Language, Mixed Media Installation, 2013. Image by Joe Rudko.


Language, Oil on Canvas, 36" x 72," 2013, Available for Purchase


Picturebook, Oil on Canvas, 30” x 36,”  2013, Available for Purchase